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Graham Fraser on Guitar




Graham Fraser using the two handed approach live in Victoria B.C.


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Graham Fraser leading his band at the world famous Viva Las Vegas festival in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Graham Fraser Live in Vancouver B.C.


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Graham Fraser

Founder and owner of Rock and GO Guitar School ! Is a full time professional Guitar Player and has been teaching guitar professionally for over 20 years - He can can teach anything: Rock, Hard Rock, Blues, Rockabilly, Fingerstyle, Travis Picking, Country, Jazz, Surf  and Metal. You name it and he'll teach it. He appreciates that everyone of us learns differently, has their own voice and he gets to work quickly on what's required to make you a great player, regardless of your level.

Graham's formal musical education began at the renowned Vancouver Island University, back in 1992. After completing his studies he began a career in music that gained him an invaluable wealth of experience both as a live musician and a teacher. Graham got his start playing around Vancouver for a couple of years and then headed off to England for many years to further his career in music. In this time he performed in numerous bands, playing everything from Rockabilly, Blues, Rock, Punk, Country, Funk and Jazz throughout the U.K. and over Europe, Canada and the U.S. He's clocked hundreds of gigs playing across the U.K. Canada and the U.S. and shared the stage and played in some of the world's largest rock n'roll festivals in Nashville, las Vegas and the UK with top acts such as Rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson, The Sonics, Lee Rocker, Deke Dickerson, The Blasters, Robert Gordon, Asleep at The Wheel, Hayseed Dixie, as well as The James Taylor Quartet (90's acid Jazz Revivalists), Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols) Hawkwid,  Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones) just to name a few....

Graham Fraser Leading his band in Nashville, Tennessee

Graham Fraser Leading his band in Nashville

He founded Graham Fraser's Guitar School in 2005 in which he taught over 50 students per week in England, at his studio and at two middle schools and a local college. So far in his teaching career, he has taught all ages between 8 - 75 from about every possible walk of life. In this time, he also created his own online guitar school . Here he  taught the highly challenging style of Rockabilly Guitar to people all over the globe; It was the first webschool of it's kind in the world! Graham moved back to Victoria B.C. with his wife and daughter after many years living abroad and decided to start Rock and Go Guitar School. The aim was to compensate for the lack of high quality in-home music lessons offered in the Greater Victoria region. Graham still actively teaches many of his students from the UK online and also around the world! And if this wasn't enough, he is active regularly playing shows around the region and all over North America with his all instrumental Surf/Rockabilly band The Cavaleros. He also plays local shows in one of Victoria's best 'Classic Rock' bands covering everything from Van Halen to The Rolling Stones and is the lead guitarist in North America's premier The Cars Tribute Band. 

Graham leading his band in Seattle, Washington 

Graham Fraser and band in Washington 2018

Graham live in Portland Oregon

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